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Passport Renewals

Passport Renewal Process
Please follow the process given below to renew or obtain a new passport;

1.  Fill out the NSV form in the next page here.

2.  Make your payment:

           Fee Payable:

            NSV MEMBERS: $100 per family of 4 (additional members pay $50).

            SINGLE MEMBERS: $50

            NON - MEMBERS: $100 PER PERSON.

3.   Download the attached files, fill and print it (Remember to come with it to the data collection centre).

4.  Then log on to 


5.  Make an online application for e-passport and a subsequent payment for it.


6. Download your payment receipt here; and send it
    as an email attachment to .


Please note, any auto-generated interview dates provided to you by innovate1 services (our payment partner) are to be disregarded as these are invalid. Passport capture appointment's venue and dates allocated to each applicant will be communicated to you in due course.

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